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IMTRA Incoma Center Pilates classes in Madrid Spain

IMTRA Incoma Center Pilates classes in Madrid Spain

What is Pilates?

Pilates is more than just a single method. Pilates is a complete system of comprehensive fitness where the body works as a whole. This technique is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates.

The method works especially what is called the "center", consisting of the abdominal muscles.

The goal of Pilates

Getting a muscle balance by strengthening weak muscles and lengthening shortened muscles. This leads to increased control, strength and body flexibility, respecting the joints and back. Thus, the method allows the practitioner to achieve harmony of body and mind and develop movement with grace and balance.

This method is based on a very safe exercise program, slow and controlled with precision. Breathing, concentration, control, alignment, centralization and fluidity are key. This method is practiced on the floor on padded mats under the supervision of a qualified professional in individual classes or in small groups. In order to achieve optimal results and avoid possible damage from poor execution of the exercises, the supervision of an expert is required for the completion of all exercises.

Pilates results

The results of Pilates are visible in the short term. One of the most famous quotes from Joseph Pilates was: "In 10 sessions you will notice the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 your body will be completely changed." By correctly practising Pilates a remarkable toning effect is achieved, the blood and lymphatic system is improved, body posture is corrected and the figure is stylized.

Who can practice Pilates?

Everyone can do Pilates: young, old, athletes training for another sport or even people who usually lead a sedentary life.

What makes IMTRA Incoma Pilates classes different?

The IMTRA Incoma center in Madrid Spain offers Pilates group and individual one on one classes taught by a fully qualified professional instructor with the internationally recognised qualification of Expert in Pilates Method from  the University Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid) and Diploma in Physiotherapy from the University of León. This gives you the guarantee of successful and safe Pilates training and fully functional recovery using this method.

IMTRA Incoma Pilates Rates

Small group sessions (3-4 people)
     1 session / week €100 month
     2 sessions / week €190 month

Individual one on one sessions
     1 session / week €160  month
     2 sessions / week €304 month

Ask at the IMTRA Incoma reception about available times, call us or you can even contact us via Whatsapp to book your first class.
IMTRA Incoma
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IMTRA Incoma - Doctor Enrique Galindo Andújar
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