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IMTRA Incoma - Doctor Enrique Galindo Andújar
Tel: (0034) 915545405 Whatsapp: 695921640 Email: Web:

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Medical health insurance policies we accept Madrid Spain

Incoma Medical Center - Imtra Clinic - Private patients and medical assurance companies  - health insurance policies we accept

In Imtra Incoma we have established agreements with almost all of the Spanish medical societies, as well as some government agencies and mutual accident societies. We have authorization to provide comprehensive care for school accidents covered by school insurance.

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Antares Seguros
Assa Compañia de Seguros
Axa Seguros
Caser Seguros
Cigna Salud
DKV Seguros Médicos
Divina Pastora Seguros
Fiatc Seguros
Generali Seguros
HNA Servicios Corporativos
Mapfre Familiar
Musa Mutua Sanitaria
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Sersanet Red de Servicios Sanitarias

IMTRA Incoma
Traumatology, orthopedic surgery and arthroscopy specialists with clinic in Madrid Spain. Surgeons specialised in shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and foot surgery.
Tel: (0034)
WhatsApp: (0034)
Address: IMTRA Incoma, Calle Explanada 16, 28040 Madrid Spain  
­Nearest Metro station Guzman el Bueno. 

Websites in English:

Services of the clinic IMTRA INCOMA :
Traumatology (pathology of the hip, knee, ankle, foot shoulder, elbow and wrist) - Contribution of Human Growth Factors in platelet-derived pathologies - Rehabilitation from Traumatology - Physiotherapy  -  Conventional Radiology - Fully Open Magnetic Resonance Scanning - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber - Arthroscopy - Orthopedic Surgery - Dental Surgery - Psychologist Consultations  - Anti-aging treatments - Advanced Rehabilitation
IMTRA Incoma - Doctor Enrique Galindo Andújar

Tel: (0034) 915545405 Email: Web:
Physiotherapists - physiotherapy - rehabilitation centre - Physio-pilates - Pilates in Madrid Spain.

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